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CIA Codename:  Project Cloverleaf

A decades-old cloud seeding and weather modification program that exists above and beyond any form of Congressional or Government oversight


"What in the World are they Spraying?"  2010 documentary film

"Why in the World are they Spraying?"  2012 follow-up documentary film

Radio interview w/ A.C. Griffith - NSA and CIA whistle blower with first-hand knowledge of Project Cloverleaf
*Note:  Project Cloverleaf is purportedly being managed out of Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio

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Live video footage (HERE) captured from an airplane flying just above the flight path of another aircraft releasing what appears to be aerosol spray into the atmosphere.
*Note:  As the viewer, please try to focus on the sheer magnitude of the footage itself and not the rather bothersome 'soundtrack' that the individual who has uploaded this video decided to add to the footage

Official website (HERE) for Weather Modification Inc., (located in Fargo, North Dakota), a private company that hires out specially designed aircraft for purposes of weather modification and geoengineering. 

The company makes the following statement on their site:

"Weather Modification, Inc., has been modifying and operating aircraft for cloud seeding and atmospheric research operations since 1961. We maintain and operate a fleet of more than 35 twin-engine aircraft in various configurations that meet the needs of every client.  Weather Modification, Inc., uses several models of aircraft in our own operations, although we can adapt our equipment to virtually any type of aircraft for specific customer needs."

The company defines Cloud Seeding as,

"the process through which cloud and precipitation development is influenced by the measured introduction of agents that can affect cloud and precipitation processes. The agents are generally designed to encourage the initial growth of cloud droplets or the development and growth of cloud ice."



Images posted to the company's website showing modified aircraft with aerosol spray jets and flare racks fixed to different areas of the plane(s)