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"The Fascinating Process of Self Liberation Under Common Law"
(obtained with permission from Soldier Hugs)

The following research article provides a mind-bending look into the true nature of the history of law in our world.  It shows us that we in the 21st century are once again engaged in an ancient battle for our basic human rights.  Yet what makes this battle much different than any other throughout the course of human history is that we are now engaged in a GLOBAL fight for freedom against tyrannical forces that have secretly usurped power and have enslaved humanity under the false pretenses of 'civil law', which dates all the way back to the time of the empirical Roman empire.  This is a MUST READ for anyone who wishes to understand just how deeply it is that we have been lied to for thousands of years, and just how vital it is that all free people of the earth now join together in this crucial battle for freedom.

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Left:  Model (Arms) for the National Flag of the Batavian Republic
Right:  First flag of the original 13 sovereign nation states comprising the United States Constitutional Republic