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A Re-Declaration of Independence

Bringing forward the legal and lawful organic 13th Amendment to the Constitution for the united States of America

Video Presentation {3:44}

Official White House petition

Sign and Ratify this Re-Declaration, which is housed at the master site

OFFICIAL Re-Declaration of Independence {PDF} - dated November 25th, 2012

Laws of Virginia {PDF} - dated 1819 w/ organic 13th Amendment

Military Laws {PDF} - dated 1825 w/ organic 13th Amendment

Letter from Congressman Lamar Smith {PDF} - dated 1994 concerning the original 13th Amendment

American State Papers {PDF}- dated 1818 concerning the original 13th Amendment

The Missing 13th Amendment - in-depth research article concerning the history and current status of the original 13th Amendment

Audio Presentation - Radio broadcast concerning the missing 13th Amendment