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Charlotte Iserbyt:  The Miseducation of America

The following interview with Charlotte Iserbyt, a retired educator, Red Cross relief worker, and the head of policy at the Department of Education during President Ronald Reagan's first campaign, provides a frightening look into the world of education in the United States of America.  Charlotte goes into great detail regarding a long-term plan of indoctrination through the use of the education system, from kindergarten up through college and university, through which generations of Americans have been brainwashed and lied to regarding the true nature of global affairs and the entire scope of human history.  Her words reveal to us that children are indoctrinated, not educated.  History is fabricated, not revealed openly and honestly; and that this is all being orchestrated and funded from the very highest levels as part of a long-term, systematic plan of global control referred to by people in positions of power as a "New World Order" for the future, one that has absolutely nothing to do with the concepts of freedom and individual liberties.

The interview in its entirety can be viewed HERE

Charlotte has also written an extensive, 740 page book on the subject entitled The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America, which contains hundreds of pages taken directly from the research articles of the 'think tank' organizations that were charged with the creation and implementation of this system of miseducation.  That book is available as a free PDF download HERE

Charlotte's personal website can be found HERE