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The information contained within the 'New Tomorrow' website includes links to numerous independent documentary films which attempt to pull back the veil of secrecy concocted by those who have highjacked power and are attempting to bring about what they refer to as a 'New World Order' for the future.  One film in particular, however, deserves special recognition:  THRIVE, which was produced by Foster Gamble, whose own family were the original 1837 founders of Proctor & Gamble, which has in the modern age gone on to become a gigantic multinational corporation with annual profits exceeding $80 billion dollars.  The film was released in late 2011.
     While many may question the validity of a film produced by an individual whose ancestors founded a company which has gone on to become an enormous human rights crushing machine, Foster himself has been very open in subsequent interviews with media concerning this very question, telling us that his family has little if any say anymore in the comings and goings of the Proctor & Gamble empire (in the film, Foster goes so far as to point out specific human rights violations undertaken by Proctor & Gamble).  The film provides a superb starting point for those who are new to the whole 'globalist agenda', as it runs through history and gives us a very thorough look at just how it is that such a small number of people were able to amass such tremendous power and influence over the entire planet.
     In a statement released on the website for The Thrive Movement, the following is mentioned:

"Foster is the great, great grandson of James Gamble, the founder of Procter & Gamble. He is in no way associated with the running of the multi-national company that exists today.  Foster has participated on his own and with various family initiatives to change company policy with regard to issues such as animal testing and pollution. Foster used the time he was afforded by inheriting enough money to research issues that most people don’t have time to pursue. He and Kimberly have invested eight years of uncompensated time and $4.5 million of their own money, (in partnership with individual investors who invested an additional $2.5 million) to make the THRIVE film and website to help empower a self-creating movement that aims to empower a world where all can thrive. Procter & Gamble has not funded THRIVE or any part of it. We welcome people checking the validity of this statement with Procter & Gamble directly."
The movie in its entirety can be viewed by clicking HERE

The Thrive Movement's official website is HERE.

As a final note:  Upon first hearing about this film, this writer was immediately struck by what was first interpreted as being blatant Illuminati symbolism displayed as propoganda on the movie's official poster.  However, after watching the film itself, this writer has questioned that original assertion.  The Thrive Movement's website addresses this issue by stating the following,

"The woman in the poster is removing the blindfold that has been put on her, representing humanity waking up. Though we can see the similarity, there was no intention to represent the all-seeing eye or any other Illuminati symbolism here or anywhere else in the film or website."