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Voter Fraud

As you read through the information contained on the 'New Tomorrow' website, you will begin to gain an understanding of the global power structure that has existed on this planet for many centuries, a structure that still maintains control (very quietly, of course) to this very day.  One of the questions that I hear most often from those who are only now becoming aware of the true nature of global affairs is, "How can such a small number of people maintain such vast levels of control?"  One of the main ways that this has been perpetrated is through the rigging of the election process, not only in the United States of America, but in nations throughout the world, under whose control the Western oligarchy holds sway.  The United States, however, is a very special case, as the vote rigging which takes place in this country, (right under the noses of the American people), is so vast, so sophisticated, and yet so subtle in nature that it truly boggles the mind.  It is voter fraud on a level not previously seen in human history, and it trickles all the way down from federal presidential elections to local state, county, city and town elections. 
     One of the main ways in which this fraud has been allowed to continue unseen by the eyes of the public is through the complete and utter control of the mainstream media machine.  This crosses the spectrum from mainstream television to print media and beyond.  The mainstream media here in the United States is used by those in positions of power as a vast propaganda machine which keeps the American public in the dark about a great many 'hidden truths' that, if exposed, would in no uncertain terms lead to a massive uprising and a national revolution.  These hidden truths must be protected at all costs to ensure that the long-term plans of the global elitists are followed through to their final (and terrifying) conclusion:  A one world government, a global currency, and a New World Order for the future.  It should be noted that this term 'New World Order' has been spoken from the lips of a great many people in positions of power, including Henry Kissinger, George Soros, George H.W. Bush, Barack Obama, and others.  Few had previously understood what it was that they were in fact referring to.  With the advent of the internet revolution, their plan is being exposed just a bit more every single day, and more and more people are waking up to the ultimate truth:  That what we are seeing around us, all of this global chaos and instability, has been very carefully orchestrated for a very long time by an interweaving web of oligarchs who view the common man as someone who must be controlled and kept in check, and whose purpose it is to serve 'them'. 

Electronic Voter Fraud

As stated above, one of the main ways that the true power brokers have ensured that the seats of government here in the U.S. are filled primarily by those who protect the interests of the international bankers and the multinational corporations is through the complete and utter manipulation of the voting system.  This has happened on a number of levels, not the least of which is through the nationwide implementation of electronic voting machines as opposed to paper ballots.  Many  average citizens are beginning to question the use of electronic voting machines, but few people understand just why exactly it is that these machines are so dangerous:  There is simply no means by which to verify your vote nor to track where this digital information is being sent and how it is being tabulated.  But it goes far beyond this, to an even more nefarious level:  Electronic vote flipping and the manipulation of digital information.
     In a sworn testimony given in December of 2004 in front of the U.S. House Judiciary Committee as part of a public hearing on election irregularities, Clint Curtis, a computer programmer and software engineer, claims that in 2000, Congressman Tom Feeney, then-Speaker of the Florida House, tasked Curtis with building a touch screen, vote flipping software program that would allow an individual tabulating the final vote results to simply touch hidden parts of an electronic voting machine to 'flip the vote' in favor of one candidate over another, thereby manipulating the actual vote count for political gain.  This was done by Curtis out of offices based is Oviedo, Florida.  Curtis also swore under oath that the main way in which this was done was through the hidden manipulation of the underlying computer source code so that it would remain undetected.
     One of the most important things to bear in mind here is that Clint Curtis was asked to create this vote flipping software in preparation for the 2000 Presidential elections in Florida.  When one considers that Feeney himself was a close personal associate of Florida governor Jeb Bush, as well as the fact that it was the Florida vote that ultimately determined the outcome of the 2000 Presidential election, a rather stunning accusation can be made:  This vote flipping software was created as a way to ensure, by any means necessary, that George W. Bush was placed into office. 


An excerpt featuring Curtis from the documentary film Uncounted can be viewed HERE.

Curtis' sworn testimony can be heard HERE.

Uncounted:  The New Math of American Elections

It must be clearly understood that this type of voter manipulation was not resigned merely to the 2000 Presidential election.  Rather, it is being used to the present day by BOTH major parties, Democrats as well as Republicans.  But the scheme goes well beyond high school level computer source coding to flip votes. 
     In the following documentary, entitled Uncounted:  The New Math of American Elections, a stunning amount of damning evidence is presented from thousands of ordinary American voters across the nation.  Once you the viewer watch this film in its entirety, you will begin to gain a much better understanding of the complexity and sophistication applied to this system of vote rigging.  As stated earlier, never before in human history have we dealt with manipulation and mind control on this grand of a scale. 
     The first part of this film focuses upon the incredible levels of manipulation and fraud perpetrated across the country during the 2004 Presidential election.  These included:

-Enormously long lines at voting booths, with people waiting sometimes as long as twelve to fifteen hours to cast their vote.
-Broken or inoperative voting machines. 
-Too few voting machines for the number of people in a given community.
-Police officers administering tickets and towing cars away while voters were waiting in line for exorbitantly long periods of time of vote.
-Voters purged from the roll sheets, thus being turned away after waiting for hours to cast their votes.  The victims of this type of fraud all claim that they did in fact register well in advance, and that their names should have been on the roll sheets at the election stations.
-Additional testimony regarding electronic vote fraud as related to Diebold and ES&S electronic voting machines.
-Re-drawn precincts.  Understand that the various elections that take place in counties and states across the country often include 'propositions' which attempt to redraw district lines.  What most people do not understand is that district lines are continually being withdrawn not to benefit a particular community per say, but rather as a means to draw invisible lines between communities as a means of controlling the voting process.  This makes it easier for the scammers to manipulate the voter tabulations.
-Missing votes.  Many voters reported that, after reviewing the voter tabulations in the aftermath of the elections, people in communities across the country suddenly found that the 'official' vote numbers were vastly different than those that community groups had themselves tabulated, i.e. millions of votes (yes, that would be millions, not thousands) simply disappeared into thin air.

All of the above issues led to large numbers of people leaving the voting stations before being given the chance to cast their ballots.

One other important issue raised in the documentary:  That of the case of Athan Gibbs.  In the aftermath of the 2000 elections, a gentleman by the name of Athan Gibbs was so deeply concerned by the blatantly obvious vote fraud perpetrated during the elections that he spearheaded a national effort to create a new type of electronic voting machine called TruVote.  This machine would provide an electronic receipt to voters at the polls as a way of confirming their votes.  The physical receipt would then be dropped into a ballot box.  Thus, if ever there were any type of controversy surrounding official vote counts, either on a local, state, or national level, the receipts would provide a secondary means of confirming the numbers presented through the electronic voting machine tabulations.  Several states across the nation began to show interest in Gibbs' idea.  Information regarding these machines began to appear in print media in March of 2004.  Barely a week after these reports began to hit the media, Athan Gibbs was tragically killed when an 18-wheeler truck collided with his car, sending it flying over a highway retaining wall, where it came to rest on its roof.  In the aftermath of his death, many efforts to implement these machines nationwide were halted, and TruVote closed its offices later that same year.
     It must be made clear that the types of issues presented above (with the exception of the tragic death of Gibbs) arose primarily in areas of the country where it was assumed that the local population supported Senator John Kerry during the 2004 election.  However, as the film continues on, it becomes clear that this was not merely a Republican issue.  Reports of voter fraud at local, state, and national levels were once again reported en masse across the nation during the 2006 and 2008 elections, leading one to understand that this is not a simple matter of left/right, blue/red, Democrat/Republican.  There is something deeply flawed in the entire system, something so grand in scope that it goes well beyond so-called political parties.  In effect, there are 'puppet masters' pulling the strings from very high places, ensuring that many candidates whom are placed into political offices across the nation will in fact work to further the agenda of the multi-national banking and corporate institutions; even if the 'elected' officials themselves are not fully aware of just how vast in scope that agenda happens to be. 

Uncounted:  The New Math of American Elections:

Full Movie

Official Website

Exit Polling

Yet another means by which this fraud has been enacted is through the use of Exit Polling.  Exit polling was covered in the aforementioned film Uncounted, but the following short research films go into even greater detail and provide indisputable evidence of massive vote fraud on a national level. 

2010 Video Presentation (Click HERE)

In the first of these two research films, recorded in November of 2010, we are made aware of the fact that one of the main ways in which the mainstream media is able to control this system of voter fraud is through exit polling, i.e. individuals who purportedly stand outside of voting places across the nation and 'poll' voters, asking them whom they have just voted for.  This also happens in the run-up to elections, as the media presents vast amounts of data, supposedly collected through countless hours of research, to show just how much support one candidate has over another in any particular state or federal race.  This is done by taking educated 'guesses' as to how the residents of particular towns or counties will vote in an upcoming election.
     Unfortunately, (or fortunately for us), it is this very data, once viewed through a lens of common sense, that in fact reveals just how much of a hoax the entire system is.  For example:

In the 2008 elections, the mainstream media networks claimed to be getting all of their exit polling data from a private company called The National Election Pool, "a consortium of American news organizations formed in 2003 to provide 'information on Election Night about the vote count, election analysis and election projections.'"  During the Presidential race of 2008, the National Election Pool claimed to have based their projections on the polling of 100,000 voters across the nation.  These results are then sent to all of the mainstream media outlets who, on election night, called the winner of the Presidential race state by state according to these official results.  However, the total number of people voting nationwide during the election was 129 million.  The figure of 100,000 voter exit polls represents less 1/10th of 1% of the voting public.  Despite this enormous disparity, the media calls the races based upon this data.  But the scam goes much, much deeper than this. 
     As part of national and state elections, mainstream news networks often call a Congressional, Senate, or Presidential race with as little as 1% or even 0% of the vote totals being reported(!)  The networks claim to be basing their results solely upon the exit polling data provided to them by the National Election Pool.  All of this information is presented live and on the air in real time on election night, and one can clearly see the percentages of votes cast on the screen (again, often times as little as 1% or 0% of the votes counted).  None of this is hidden from the public; yet few people take the time to question the validity of the results.  In effect, the best kept secret is the one hidden in plain sight.
     One of the most incredible examples of this happened live on the air on CNN, when Wolf Blitzer was seen staring at a countdown clock and 'anxiously' awaiting the results from five Western U.S. states:  Hawaii, California, Oregon, Washington, and Idaho.  When the countdown clock reached zero, Blitzer announced that CNN was 'projecting' that all five Western states had been won by Barack Obama, and that this would give Obama the necessary 270 electoral votes needed to win the presidency.  Yet at the exact same moment that Blitzer was making this 'stunning' announcement, the official vote tallies from these five states were being shown at the bottom of the screen.  In all five cases, 0% of the votes had been tallied as of that moment(!)  How can a major media news network make a projection that Barack Obama would be the next president elect with 0% of the votes in from any of those five states?  The 'projection' was made based upon the exit polling data provided by the National Election Pool, which again represented less than 1/10th of 1% of the total votes.  As Peter Diamond, the author of these videos tells us, "This is impossible."
     As a final example of just how much of a hoax the entire system indeed is, the video goes on to show us information regarding the 2010 California Senate race between Barbara Boxer and Carly Fiorina.  On a live broadcast on NBC, the network calls the race in Boxer's favor.  Yet at the exact same moment, live on the screen, the network shows us that this result is based upon just 17% of the vote having been counted up to that point, and with Fiorina shown LEADING up to that point by a slim 48% to 47% from Boxer.  How can the network call the race in Boxer's favor with only 17% of the total votes tallied, and with Fiorina actually leading the race up to that point?  Once again, "This is impossible."

2012 Video Presentation (Click HERE
The second of these two video presentations was recorded in February of 2012, and provides much more mainstream media footage regarding the use of exit polling to determine the outcome of any given race, as well as how electronic voting machines are continuing to be implemented across the nation.  Peter Diamond focuses greatly upon the 2012 Republican primary elections leading up to the 2012 Presidential elections, which is of particular importance when one considers that the 2012 Republican primary race featured one candidate, Ron Paul, who, according to the vast majority of claims from across a wide array of independent news outlets as well as Freedom and Patriot groups across the nation, stands outside of the mainstream political system.  Dr. Paul had a plan in place to restore the rightful U.S. Constitutional Republic, and the amount of independent support that he was receiving, including from sources within the U.S. military and military veterans, had grown to such a point that it was being referred to as "The Ron Paul Revolution".  Thus, it was necessary for the people in positions of power to rig the Republican primaries to ensure that Ron Paul did not win the Republican nomination.  This video provides a brief look into how the official voting numbers in the early stages of this race were in fact manipulated from state to state in much the same way that the 2000, 2004, and 2008 elections had been.      
     One of the things that this video covers in greater detail than the 2010 video is that of the mainstream news networks using vast sums of data which shows voter preference from state to state, county to county, city to city, and town to town; or even particular areas of cities.  All of this is being done on election nights during the primaries with 1% or less than 1% of the actual votes having been counted.  The information is based upon exit polling data and voter tabulation provided to ALL of the networks by companies called Edison Research and the Voter News Service.  As we are told,

"They (the mainstream media) attempt to give you all of these details about how particular counties felt, how particular religious groups felt.  This is all without any of the votes and based on a few exit polls.  This is a total joke."


"They're not using the votes.  It's all determined in advance.  That's the only way that the networks could call the winner with none of the actual vote in." 

In states where electronic voting machines were less prevalent, great amounts of voter manipulation were still undertaken.  Several states reported that vast amounts of voter data went 'missing' after having been handed in to the heads of the Republican committees of various states.  Where this data ended up, no one knows.  It simply disappeared into thin air.  What also came to light, according to 'official' voting figures released by the GOP, was that many precincts showed vote counts of 'ZERO', despite the fact that thousands of people from those precincts claimed that they had in fact cast a vote in their state.  It bears noting that this happened most prominently in Iowa and Maine, where Ron Paul had a groundswell of support, and only four months later did the official results in Iowa show that Ron Paul actually won that state, despite the fact that Mitt Romney was shown as having been initially declared the winner.
     The final and perhaps most important point that is laid bare in this video presentation is that of 'why' exactly it is that the mainstream media networks choose to make their announcements declaring one particular candidate as the winner with 0% of the votes in.  By examining this angle more closesly, we can come to understand the most nefarious aspect of this entire scheme.  Peter Diamond sums it up perfectly when he states,

"After seeing this expose, someone may ask why the media would call the results so early, for example in some cases without any of the votes, and risk their hoax being uncovered.  They could simply wait longer.  And there are two reasons for this.  The first reason is the ratings, and the second reason, which is the most important one, is that the media calls the results so early and risks their hoax being uncovered because by declaring the winner before any average person or even the people who work at the election sites could possibly know the winner, the media can create the impression, in the minds of average, undiscerning Americans, that the media is all-knowing.  The average American will then look to the media with confidence, and believe what the media tells them, for after all, the media knows who wins these elections before any of us could and in a way that sounds far too complicated for us to understand...their announcement of the winner, without any of the votes, is crucial to their control of the people, and they correctly assume that their story will be accepted without question by almost everyone."

"They are not using the votes to determine who wins.  People need to wake up."

*Note:  These research films were put together by Brother Peter Diamond at the Most Holy Family Monastery (website HERE).  It bears noting that while this writer does not prescribe to any particular religion or religious group, it should be known that Brother Diamond has done a superb job of bringing this information forth in a very clear and concise way by showing actual live footage of mainstream media news reports as well as actual exit polling data reported on the websites of many of the mainstream media outlets.  Brother Diamond is deeply, deeply concerned about this state of affairs, and this writer fully supports his valiant efforts in bringing this information forward to the public.  Much more information regarding 'suppressed' news reports from a variety of independent news outlets can be found at Brother Diamond's website. 

What we are left with here is a shocking conclusion:  We as American people are not actually voting for anyone; at least not in the sense that we think we are.  Our candidates are being chosen FOR US beforehand by very powerful shadow masters who operate completely outside of Constitutional law.  This is being done as a means of ensuring that 'their' interests are protected.  The fact that the Congressional, Senate and Presidential races comes down to two main candidates in any given election is of little significance to the people pulling the strings, for they already know whom they want to win, and will manipulate the voting data by whatever means necessary to ensure that their chosen candidate gets into office.  Both candidates are in fact taking their marching orders from the same people.  The mainstream media has itself been part and parcel to this scheme through their blatant manipulation of voting data.  As best-selling author and trends forecaster Gerald Celente put it, when referring to the two major U.S. political parties, Democrat and Republican, 

"It's the World Wrestling Federation.  It's the Washington Wresting Federation.  They put on this show that they're bitter rivals, you know, villains, and they really don't like each other.  But behind closed doors they buddy up for a drink and make deals."
What must be understood is that we are faced with an issue of national security at the very highest levels, and well beyond.  Our entire Constitutional Republic has been completely usurped and replaced with a system of lies and corruption.  This all goes on while the majority of the people in America lie fast asleep, completely unaware that anything at all is wrong with the system; or at least not at the level at which this writer has uncovered. 

     What we are dealing with here are levels of deceit and deception previously unseen in human history.  Indeed, deceit and deception have been so perfected that they have become an art form; yet the American people continue to fall for it year after year, election after election.  The left/right, Democrat/Republican paradigm is a complete sham.  It has been created as a means of dividing the nation, and people across this country are constantly at each others throats due to these invisible dividing lines; never having the wherewithal to realize that we ALL have a common foe.  Our own government does not work for us; they do not look out for our best interests.  Comedian George Carlin, who was one of the greatest voices for freedom in this nation, stated the following regarding the entire U.S. governmental system:

"It's a big club, and you ain't in it.  You and I are not in it."

What this writer believes is that a great many people realize that there is something wrong, but are too wrapped up in the affairs of their own lives to ask the deeper questions.  This is understandable.  After all, we all have a right to live our own lives.  Yet it is this very attitude that has caused us to disengage from the inner workings, the comings and goings of our elected officials.  Most people head to the voting poles every 2-4 years to cast their votes and to fulfill their Patriotic duty as American citizens, and then simply return to normal, every day life, never bothering to hold their elected officials' 'feet to the flame', so to speak.  In the immortal words of Thomas Jefferson,

"When governments fear the people, there is liberty.  When the people fear the government, there is tyranny."


"The federal government is our servant, not our master!"

All it takes is but a small shift in perception to become aware of the levels of deceit and deception that are being perpetrated upon the free people of this planet on a daily basis.  It takes asking the tough questions for one to begin to realize that there are problems in this world that have arisen not out of a void, but out of a carefully planned and orchestrated agenda of tyranny.  The mainstream media is constantly filling out heads with information regarding the tyranny of 'other' nations, without ever calling our own government to task for their wrong doings.  Our eyes are constantly fixed upon the abuses of some other tyrant, some other dictator; but rarely towards Washington, D.C.  The United States of America is viewed by a great many nations across the world as an empire of oppression.  It was not always thus.  If things are to change, then it will be up to "We the People" to do it.  We must STOP falling for the lies.  We must STOP mindlessly cheering on these fake and phony bureaucrats and hypocrites.  We must learn to take an active role in our local communities, and fully understand who exactly it is that our local leaders are working for.  Those who choose to continue to keep their heads in the sand and to simply 'obey' like the nice little worker bees that they are deserve whatever fate awaits them.  As Morpheus so succinctly put it to Neo in that now-famous scene in the movie 'The Matrix',

"You take the blue pill, the story ends.  You wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe.  You take the red pill, you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes."

The choice is yours...